The digital space has seen a tremendous shift lately. With computers taking over businesses a few years ago, it’s now time for mobile apps. The increasing level of acceptance by users and growth possibilities from the business point of view are majorly responsible for the revolutionary development in the field of mobile technology.

The use of mobile applications has surged in recent times, making us dependent for almost everything – from daily chores to peculiar needs. It is difficult to imagine even a day without our smartphones with lots and lots of apps installed.

A Gartner research suggests that the total number of smartphones by the end of this year will surpass 2.1 billion units, which is humongous. And this number will only increase in the coming months or years. What this implies is that the mobile market isn’t anywhere near to witness saturation. With constantly growing technology vertical, there are endless possibilities and undiscovered horizons that you should be eyeing at.

As a result, a Mobile App Design Company is being put under pressure to offer innovative solutions to its customers. In today’s world, having a mobile app is a must for businesses just like it was having a website a few years back. This is due to the shift users have made, from desktop to mobile, from big screens to handy and small pocket-sized smart gadgets.

As a software development company, we focus on educating business owners about the importance of a business mobile app and how crucial it is to own an app not just to be in-line with the trend but to grow and boost sales. If you are in doubt and looking for reasons to instil conviction about building an app for your business then the following section will make a lot of sense to you.

1. It is the need of the hour

With users preferring mobiles over desktops and apps over websites, getting in touch with a Proficient native app development company to create a business app is crucial than ever. Build a mobile app regardless of your business type, domain or size. However, do your research to identify your target audience and their preferred mode of communication and interaction. A recent research reveals that users engage more with a business having an app rather than with the one that doesn’t. About 89% of the total mobile time of the users is spent using mobile apps and only 11% exploring desirable stuff on mobile-friendly websites.

2. It enhances the user experience

You, as a business owner, want to treat your customers with a sublime experience. Don’t you? Compared with responsive websites that run on the browser of a mobile device, applications offer a better user experience. The mobile apps are more intuitive than mobile-friendly websites. They are quick to respond and easy to navigate. Unlike mobile websites, apps are pleasing to interact and seamless in operation – everything in favour of a mobile app. No wonder why everyone out there is looking for Cross-Platform App Development Solution.

3. It helps your business grow

An app allows you to expand at a faster pace by enticing users to shop from you through push notifications that feature promotional codes and discount coupons. You can directly reach out to your target audience. Using geo-location technology, you can reach out to your potential customers in close proximity with a personalised offer. All of this motivates users to purchase more often than usual.

4. It makes the client-customer bond stronger

You can build relationships with your customers no matter which part of the world they are situated. You can communicate with a customer directly and confidently. Also, the customers need not to remember your website’s URL or search for your business on a search engine instead they can simply tap on the app installed in their mobile device. You can also ask for feedback through the app in the form of surveys, polls or error reports. Two-way communication is trouble-free in case of an app which helps in establishing a long-lasting client-customer relationship.

5. It streamlines business operations

With an enterprise app, you can streamline your business operations like never before. Process management becomes easy, team interaction and file or data sharing get simplified. Additionally, a lot of business tasks get automated that allows you to be more productive at work considering the fact that you get more time thinking about the growth of the company rather than about tasks that can be taken care of by a system. Believe it or not, a Mobile App Development Company can do wonders to your business. Get in touch with one of the premier ones to discuss opportunities.

6. It adds value to users

By providing periodic discounts and personalised offers through push notifications and app as a convenient medium to interact, you provide value to the lives of users. They feel valued to be associated with a company like yours. This translates to an increased level of customer satisfaction, which is also something that a brand aspires to achieve.

7. It works as a marketing medium

By collaborating with a custom android app design company in India or in the US to build a mobile app for your business, you not only get an app but marketing tool as well because mobile apps are one of the best ways to attract new customers and retain the old ones. While you can shoot personalised push notifications to your old customers, you can treat them with a first-time discount or coupon upon app download. Moreover, you can send out a newsletter, press release or a new product launch notification or a progressive update about the company.

8. It provides actionable insights

With a mobile app, you can gain plenty of useful information about your customers like the products they like, their behavioural pattern, buying preference, most liked products and less popular products. You also get an idea about the average time spent on the app by users, which signify app engagement, features they use the most and the ones which are rarely utilized. Based on the insights, a Android app development company can make the necessary modifications to improve and enhance user experience.

9. It gives you a competitive edge

There are still a lot of companies that do not have a mobile app because they think it’s unnecessary. However, with the mobile market only set to grow in the coming years, it will become a mandate few years down the line. Competition is low right now and you should be looking to make the most out of it. Using a mobile app for marketing and sales will give you an added advantage that businesses in vicinity would urge.

Final words

In today’s highly competitive world, missing out on opportunities won’t help. You need to be on your toes to grab everything that comes your way. Mobile app is one of those opportunities you should look to grab it with both hands.

What do you think about owning a mobile app? Let us know in the comments section below. If you have something in mind and want free consultation from a Mobile App Development Company in the US, then feel free to contact us. We usually reply within 12 hours.